The installation was timely (almost a 12 hour day) and the quality of work performed was outstanding. Stacy and Amy are very personable, informative and hardworking. Overall value for services performed is excellent. In a time when customer service has mostly degenerated into a rude, uncaring, sloppily performed mediocre job, it is great to find a company like Radon-X that truly believes the customer is king.

Robert Conner - New Carlisle, OH

I was really nervous about having a large unsightly white pipe running in and through my new house. Stacey and crew at RadonX did a fantastic job of running the radon system through my garage up and out the attic so it is was barely even noticeable that we have a system. He took the extra step of showing me the work that he had done in the attic and was great at explaining to me what I was getting. Stacey was easy to work with and professional. He even wore shoe covers when he went into the house. Overall fantastic experience.

Jonathan Wilson - Tipp City, OH

We used Radon-x to perform a radon test/inspection on a property we were purchasing. The levels came back high, so when we closed on the house, I set up a time and Stacy and his wife performed a Radon mitigation on the home.  There is nothing bad to say about Radon-x! Their initial cost for inspection was pretty comparable to other places I spoke with. However, when it came time for the actual mitigation, it seemed that is cost much less than other places. I had spoke to people who said they paid $1k-2,000+ for mitigation while Radon-x charged ~$950. They were punctual, professional, efficient, friendly... Just great! Hopefully I never have to deal with Radon again, but if I did, I would use them! I would highly recommend them.

Alex Trimbach - Lewisburg, OH

Radon X is a company that I would recommend without any hesitation. From the first call I made to obtain an estimate to the final email reporting a successful mitigation of radon gas, it was a flawless experience. I had an immediate sense that these owners could be trusted and demonstrated high integrity. I received the estimate in my email within 2 hours and the final bill was within a few dollars of the estimate. They helped educate me about Radon gas, explained the process, the equipment, the warranties and guarantees, expectations, etc. They were prompt on the day of the appointment and very professional. They went to great lengths to make sure the equipment was placed in the best spot and cleanup was immaculate. They even spray painted the white PVC pipe to match the shingles on the roof. You barely noticed it. 

My home is up for sale following a divorce and I was very nervous that when they were finished, it wouldn't work. I expressed this to Mr. Busch and he said...."Don't worry, it will work. If it didn't, I wouldn't be in business very long would I?" That eased my concerns and I trusted him. We had a high Radon gas level in the basement of 45.8. After installation of the mitigation system and retesting, the level was 2.0. It was refreshing to work with Mr. and Mrs. Busch.....clearly they are passionate and conscientious about their work. If you have a Radon Gas problem, don't waste your time and money on anybody else. You'll regret it.

Joanna Cox - New Carlisle, OH

From our initial meeting I knew Stacy was very professional and has a true passion for radon mitigation. He installed our system on Christmas Eve which shows his dedication. The system was installed quickly that morning and used quality materials. He came back several days later to test the system to ensure it was running properly and gave us the results. We were very pleased our radon readings went to almost zero. I highly recommend Radon X.

Shayla Boylan - Dayton, OH

The installed a radon mitigation system. Our neighbors had the radon mitigation done by another company and their system was on the outside of the home. It didn't match the house at all. Our pipes are 99% inside the home. Only one that isn't is a 1 foot long pvc coming out the roof that's painted black. It's hardly noticeable. It was confirmed in post mitigation testing that the system is doing it's job. I would recommend this company for anyone.

Sean Parmer - Bellefontaine, OH

Stacy provided a detailed written description of the work to be performed along with guaranteed radon mitigation results and warranties for the workmanship and materials ( fan, etc.). He was very knowledgeable and explained in detail how the system would be installed and how it would work. On the date the work was to be performed, Stacy was prompt and the worked was performed in the approximate 6 hrs. that Stacy had projected in his initial estimate. I was especially impressed that Stacy left monitoring equipment to collect a week of data to ensure that the work was effective. Stacy provided the data via email to confirm the effectiveness of the system. I followed up with an additional "First Alert" test kit that confirmed Stacy's data was "spot on". Stacy and Amy were professional, knowledgeable and efficient. If you have a radon issue, I highly recommend Stacy and Amy to take care of your problem.

Gary Blevins - Yellow Springs, OH

One of the best contractors I have ever hired. Despite his wife, who is his work partner, being sick that day, Stacy came out and did the entire job himself. His knowledge of his business and demeanor are outstanding. I would, and already have, recommend Radon-X to anyone looking for this service.

Scott Buzzard - Bellbrook, OH

We needed a radon mitigation system put in the basement because our radon levels were 14! After 6 months of my husband saying that he would do it himself, I called Radon-X. Mr. Busch came out that day and gave us an estimate. He was so nice and he was the most "qualified" person that I have ever met. He is an electrician and a plumber and a home inspector...the list goes on. He gave me a PowerPoint presentation on his computer that explained radon to me and exactly what he was going to do. He also showed pictures of other houses that had improper systems put in. Now that I drive around my neighborhood, I can see several houses with bad radon mitigation systems. (If the pipe doesn't go up past the roof line, the radon is just going to blow back into your windows or your neighbors.) After talking to him, I thought that I was so lucky that I happened to call the best radon company out there! I scheduled an appointment for him to put in the system which was about 1.5 weeks after the initial consultation. He arrived on time with his partner and they worked together and got the system put in in about 6 hours. Our house was more difficult because we have a crawl space that is just dirt and gravel. They had to put a separate suction point up there and seal it all with plastic. Then he left his own radon detector here for a few days to measure the levels in the basement. We also used our own radon detector to double check. We got fantastic results! Our radon level went down to less than 1! It was actually .2 which is as good as it gets. I am so happy with the quality of the work and my husband is thankful that he didn't have to attempt to do it himself. If you want your radon system put in correctly with high quality parts and a lifetime warranty, than I would highly recommend hiring radon X. If you are selling your house and you just want the cheapest possible radon mitigation system and you don't care if it is safe or not, than shame on you

Annie Pryor - Bellbrook, OH

Radon-X installed a radon mitigation system in our home and measurably reduced the radon levels in our house.  The work was done in an excellent manner and the company even came back out a year later and re-sealed the system at no charge after we had water damage in our basement from a sump pump failure and had to break the seal on the system to access the sump pump.  They are great to work with, very professional and responsive and I would highly recommend.  If you are concerned about radon levels and want a reliable, knowledgeable, professional company, I recommend Radon-X.

Bill Beagle, Ohio State Senator and Karen Beagle - Tipp City, OH

Radon-X provides excellent service.  The owners, Stacy and Amy are very informative and take time to answer all questions and concerns.  The estimate was very accurate and timely.  It was about four days after the estimate when the work itself began.  The system was installed by the owners themselves.  This ensures the highest quality installation you can get.  They were very meticulous and made sure all cracks were sealed preventing radon from entering the basement.  An indoor system was installed with only the finest materials (schedule 40 pipes) and a few extras (fan guard and varmint guard)...other radon companies don't do this.  It took about five hours to complete the installation.  The system really looks and feels high quality.  A real time radon measurement was performed over a period of two days.  My pre-mitigation level was at 5.0.  After the radon mitigation, the level is at 1.0.  I am very happy and extremely satisfied with Radon-X.  I can see the owners are very proud of their company; it really shows on the fantastic job they've done.  I highly recommend Radon-X to anybody who needs radon mitigation.  Radon-X is the only radon mitigation company I will use now and in the future. 

Ronald Chiu - Vandalia, OH

Radon-X installed a radon mitigation system which included an air tight seal over the sump pump, a vacuum feed underneath the basement, a vacuum feed under the slab portion of the house, a fan and vent tube extending to the roof.  They also ran a radon detection test over approximately 72 hours.  The installed radon mitigation system was above and beyond the norm because of the heavier duty plastic pipe and fan guard system to extend the life of the fan.  Another important point is the suction of the air under the house is in two places (under the slab and under the basement).  The system has a warranty for the life of the house, except for the fan which has a 5 year warranty.  Since Radon-X installs the fan guard system to prevent water from entering the fan, the life of the fan is extended.  Average radon reduced from approximately 7 before the installation to 0.3 after the installation of Radon-X system!!!  My wife and I feel safe.  We feel the environment is now safe for our kids.  We couldn't be happier with the results or the service provided by Radon-X.  The owners/installers treated our house as if it were their own and made us feel comfortable during the entire process.  We discussed how the system functioned and what to do if there were ever a problem in the future.  The service was first class, and I doubt that there is a better radon mitigation service available in the Dayton area.  Highly recommend Radon-X for your radon mitigation needs. 

Derrick Brewer - Kettering, OH

Thank you for the service you provided our family through Radon-X.  Our mitigation system is working great and Mike & I are sleeping much better at night knowing that we are safe from the radon that was building up in our home. We are extremely pleased with our radon reading of 1.1 pCi/l!
As you probably remember, after doing a “home radon test” we found that we had an elevated level in our newly built home.  We confirmed the bad news with a more official test performed by a home inspection company.   
I consulted with several radon mitigation contractors before selecting Radon-X to solve my radon problem. Your company definitely stood out from the others.  In addition to your comprehensive presentation, attention to detail, and competitive pricing, you were the only contractor who took time to educate me about radon and how to solve the problem.  Also, you were the only person who was willing to work to get the radon level far below the EPA recommended level of 4.0 pCi./l.  (The other contractors said that they were satisfied once the level was below 4.0. pCi/l.) The choice to use Radon-X for our mitigation system was easy!
Thank you again for helping us keep our family safe.

Ginny and Mike Snell - Oxford, OH

I would like to let everyone know how happy I am with the service I received from Radon-X. I just bought a new house and it had elevated radon levels. I choose to have Radon-X come out and install a radon mitigation system. Stacy and Amy were so nice and polite and professional during the entire process. They also worked on a radon mitigation system for my sister’s house, which had the highest radon levels they had ever seen! I would highly recommend Radon-X to anyone for radon mitigation.

I would like to let everyone know how happy I am with the service I received from Radon-X. I just bought a new house and it had elevated radon levels. I choose to have Radon-X come out and install a radon mitigation system. Stacy and Amy were so nice and polite and professional during the entire process. They also worked on a radon mitigation system for my sister’s house, which had the highest radon levels they had ever seen! I would highly recommend Radon-X to anyone for radon mitigation

I would like to let everyone know how happy I am with the service I received from Radon-X. I just bought a new house and it had elevated radon levels. I choose to have Radon-X come out and install a radon mitigation system. Stacy and Amy were so nice and polite and professional during the entire process. They also worked on a radon mitigation system for my sister’s house, which had the highest radon levels they had ever seen! I would highly recommend Radon-X to anyone for radon mitigation

Elesha Snyder - Dayton, OH

We were totally pleased with the work you performed in our house to solve our radon problem, and to correct the sloppy work that a former installer had done. Everything you did was A-1- from your promptness, diagnosis of our problem, new installation, and response to any email questions. Your work was done on time and with care to leave our house in clean condition (maybe even better than when you got here). We would definitely recommend your company. I am 65 years old, have owned 9 houses, and have experienced every type of workmanship you can imagine. You rank right up there with the best businesses we have used.

Joyce Boens - Oakwood, OH

I felt that you educated and informed us thoroughly and honestly. I appreciated getting two different price quotes based on our interest in locations for the unit. The price was very reasonable considering the attention, equipment and time you gave during the install. We were very pleased!

Andra Lunde Padrichelli - Dayton, OH

My wife and I have been very happy with your professionalism and services from inspecting our home, installing two radon removal systems, as well as provide comments/opinions with anything house and safety related.  We would definitely use you again should the need for your specialty arise.

Troy & Noly Suarez - Beavercreek, OH

I want to share my experience in dealing with Radon-X. Professional, informative, prompt and friendly are all attributes of this business. My relief is understated in knowing that my home is not exposing my family, friends and myself to radon that can be deadly. I highly recommend Radon-X to rid anyone of the worry about this very serious problem.

Carol Wheeler - Springfield, OH

After buying a home test kit for radon and discovering that our radon levels were extremely high in our new home, I contacted Stacy Busch of Radon-X. Stacy came to our home and tested with sophisticated equipment to insure that the radon level that I had discovered was correct. Upon validating my findings, Stacy evaluated our home for the best method to mitigate our situation. Stacy gave us an estimate and, upon our approval, set the process in motion to mitigate the radon contamination. Stacy was very professional in his conduct and answered all questions to my complete satisfaction. Upon completion of his work, Stacy retested our home and found that the radon danger had been appropriately mitigated. My wife and I thank Stacy every day for reducing our fears of radon gas in our new home.

Dwaine E. Valentine, D.D.S. - Vandalia, OH

This was exactly what I was looking for. Professional, informative, quick service. I would recommend Radon-X to anyone.

Mike Unterseher - Kettering, OH

As we have told you several times, we are very happy with your services.  We have used you more than once and will do so again.  Again, we not only trusted your judgments but also enjoyed the friendliness of you and your wife.

Bob and Melanie Heider - Pleasant Hill, OH

We were very happy in our experience with Radon-X in putting a radon mitigation system in our house. They were professional and courteous and did a good job in explaining everything they were doing. They explained the dangers of radon and how the system worked and would help, but a lot of this was after they had installed the system, so I didn't feel like they were giving me a coercive sales pitch, simply giving us the information we needed.